CatArtTic is based in Barcelona. We design and produce locally in a sustainable way, both socially and ecologically. We launch limited editions of our products for those who appreciate design as a way to celebrate and enjoy life.

CatArtTic’s founder, Nico Juárez Latimer-Knowles, lives between worlds as a result of a mixture of cultures; half Spanish and half Scottish, half human and half feline, with one foot on reality and the other one on fiction, sometimes thinking seriously, but always in a playful way.

As an architect and a designer, he naturally adds many ingredients to the melting pot, such as graphic, audiovisual, interactive and product design. He is also a university professor and a researcher.

Elegance & Balance – Snooping the feline essence

We love cats and that is why we decided to study them -every single movement, pose and attitude- to capture the very feline essence.

Cats are extremely elegant and quite enigmatic, they move around with style performing graceful choreographies and amazing poses. Cats are definitely intriguing creatures, so most of the time it is difficult to figure out if they are cuddly or hungry, happy or defiant, tired or elusive. Therein lies the attractive and appealing nature of felines.

Design & Emotions – Scratching the creative drive

Basic geometry is the key, it helps us understanding the world, the architecture of nature. When looking closely, every single thing appears to be modular.

Cats are no exception to this rule, though their flexible body defies gravity and even logic, you’ll realize that all postures can be reduced to a combination of modules.

Benefits of Curiosity – Prowling that feline attitude

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. On the contrary, curiosity is, in fact, a driving force for growth, it represents an open door to the unknown, it unfolds new and unexpected experiences.

When creating, you are freeing your curiosity, engaging in challenging your ideas and shaking your emotions. So we invite you to imagine, design, improvise, combine, relax with a chilling creative process.

From Acts to Cats lets you create on your own or interact with others, it’s open to all ages and it has no rules. Though it’s not a game, you can play with it. Though it’s not a toy, you can have fun finding out unlimited feline possibilities.

Let your intuition drive your imagination and feel the benefits of exploring: Stress reducing, Emotional balancing, Mind liberating, Meditation triggering, Self-caring…

Products & Materials

From Acts to Cats comes to life in three packs The Sculptural Set, The Board Set and The Standalone Set.

We only use natural and Eco-Friendly materials, wood is our choice.

Not two pieces of wood are the same, every single fibre and knot are unique, just like cats and their fur, they may look alike, but they are all different too. So every piece of wood is singular and contains like, let’s say, the DNA of a particular cat.

Different types of wood confer distinctive hues and characteristics. We also produce a special edition for The Board Set and The Standalone Set: Eco-Friendly MDF in a wide range of colours.


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